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Marcia Lesser, SEP

Holds a practitioner certificate (SEP) from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, 2012

Temenos Institute, Westport, Connecticut-Certificate in Psychotherapy, 1984

New York Medical College, Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital, NYC-certificate in Psychomotor Therapy, 1980

SUNY Binghamton, B.S. 1975

Bioenergetics, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Yoga, T’Chi, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Muscle Work, Meditation and Breathing Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis

Somatic Experiencing  Practitioner

Private Practice -specializes in treating chronic pain and disembodied clients, 1985-present (

Body/Instrument Technique-Developed technique for performing artists to encourage embodied self-awareness & flow, 2003-present (

Private work with survivors of sexual and physical abuse-1996-present

Design for Movement-founded Company with Dr. Richard Bachrach, prominent osteopath. Designed rehabilitative exercises for injured executives. 1982-1985

Special Olympics-designed prospective Dance Competition-1979

Recipient of NYS Arts in the Schools grant-in conjunction with a poet and visual artist, visited various schools for learning disabled children and adults and collaboratively designed programs for them-1979

Charles Weidman Theater Dance Company-1976-1979

Marcia presented her work to the faculty of Tisch Grad Acting, March, 2017

Marcia co-organized and presented at the NYU Steinhardt symposium, “The Inner Life of the Performing Artist: Sensation, Imagination, and The Brain”, January, 2017

Marcia has organized and will be presenting at an NYU symposium entitled, “The Inner Life of The Preforming Artist; Imagination, Sensation and The Brain”. The symposium will take place January13-15.

Private coaching of NYU voice students, 2013

Adjunct Faculty at The Steinhardt School for the Performing Art Professions at New York University, 2012-present

Classes for Voice Faculty at The Steinhardt School-2012-present

Guest Lecturer at The Juilliard School Pre-College Division-2007-2011

Seminars in Body/Instrument Technique for musicians-NYC-2006-present

Observe and instruct during private lessons of Catherine Cho at The Juilliard School-NYC-2006-2012

Workshops for Psychologists-Vermont, Westchester, NYC-special seminars to enable psychologists to understand energy flow, body language and breathing patterns of their patients-1998-present

Classes for pregnant woman-NYC-breathing, alignment and body mechanics-1997-present

Steps Studio-, NYC, small classes in alignment and movement for chronic pain patients-1986

Taught-office of Dr. Richard Bachrach, prominent osteopath specializing in lower back and neck pain, NYC. Created new methods of treating chronic pain, working in semi-private classes-1982-1985

Carola Trier Studio-Ms. Trier, who studied with Joseph Pilates in Germany, was the premier Pilates teacher in the country. Clients were injured NYC Ballet members, actors and athletes-1982-1983


Marcia collaborated with her colleague Fay Simpson, a professor at Tisch Grad Acting and author of Lucid Body, on an article entitled, “Rewiring Stage Fright, A Neuroscience and Art Conversation”

AST National Journal, “Reaching The Inner Musician”, November 2011

Marcia Lesser, “Whole Body Consciousness and The Musician”, Association Newsletter, November 2009.

(2011) Lesser, M, Your Body, Your Mind, Your Instrument, work in preparation

(2007) Anderson, F, Bodies In Treatment, Analytic Press. Discussion of my work in chapter, ‘At a Loss for Words and Feelings: A Psychoanalyst Reflects on Experiencing Bodywork.’

(2000) Self-published pamphlet on techniques for recognizing and dealing with somatic distress in the psychoanalytic process

(1998) Aaron, L & Anderson, F, Relational Perspectives on the Body, Acknowledgement of my work by Dr. Looker and Dr. Anderson

(1993) Wyse, L, The Six Figure Woman and How To Be One, Holiday House.
Featured in this book highlighting prominent woman in their field of expertise

(1983) Good Housekeeping Magazine, contributed exercises and relaxation techniques for prevention and relief of lower back pain

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